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Spiritual and Prophetic art


God The Great Creator

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The Universe was God’s blank canvas.  He spoke and there was light.  White Light is actually broken down into the three primary colors red, yellow and blue.  From these colors we can make all of the other colors such as green, orange and purple.  So when God spoke color came forth!  God placed the lights in the sky and created the earth.  Showed the waters were to be and made the grass.  He made animals of vibrant colors and strange shapes.  Think of a peacock or a giraffe!  He gave them stripes like a zebra and spots like a leopard.   He is the greatest artist!  Then He Made us.  God made us in his image.  He is a creator so we too were made to create.



Spiritual Expression

I have always had a passion for color and all things creative.  As a Christian artist I believe that my art work is an expression of not only my soul but a spiritual expression of my faith.  I believe God created me to be an artist so that I could create with Him.  Together we can express beauty, truth and peace.  My Hope is that my art will bring life and positive enrgy into the room it is in.  



Prophetic /worship art. 

First what does the word Prophetic mean?  In simple terms it means to hear God.  We can hear God in things others tell us, we can hear Him in reading our Bibles and when we pray.  Hearing God requires that we listen and ask questions.  When God speaks to us he speaks our language.  Sometimes he causes you to think about someone and he is gently urging you to pray for that person.  Sometimes you feel like you should read a particular book in the bible.  Sometimes you might see a picture in your head .

Sometimes when I paint God gives me something specific.  Sometimes it is only a leading to paint a certain color. Usually as I paint the Lord will give me the next step.  As I take that step, He gives me the next until an image begins to form in  my minds eye.

When painting at home, I almost always listen to worship music or work in a very calm atmosphere while I am in my studio.  I am a worshipper at heart and long for my art to be reflective of my faith and love for God.

Sometimes I paint at Church during live worship when I am not leading worship.


Worship art done at Church and finished in Studio

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