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While strolling through this gallery you will find Wendy's popular Silhouette series.  The series has a similar theme in which each piece contains a high conrast mixture of a black silhouette and a light source on a vibrant background.


 The series is entitled "All things are shadows in the light of his presence."  


Isaiah 60:1 "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the Glory of the Lord shines over you"


"My subject matter in this series of paintings is important but the main focus is really the light.  The light is so intensely emanating that the foreground is bathed in shadow.  What I intend is that God is the standard by which all of life and existence is measured.  So whatever the subject, it is dark in comparison to His shining love, grace and truth.   In addition, I like to use bold colors and unique color palettes to create fresh, original pieces.  My hope is that my art will bring life and fill the room with positive energy. I long to make the ordinariness of life seem magical, spiritual and emotional to the viewer. "


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Wendy Smith

Rochester, MN 55906

Phone: +1 507-990-9225
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